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7. ledna 2009 v 21:37 | black cia |  Official
I like to watch Grey's Anatomy. Its a guilty pleasure. My wife got me into watching it, and we have both watch it slowly devolve into the mess of a show it is today. One of our favorite characters on the show, Denny is played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who also happens to be in the Watchmen movie.
At another completely different place and time, me and the wife were at the movies, and we saw a trailer for Vicky, Christina, Barcelona. And we said "Holy Shit!, that's Denny!" I looked it up on IMDB, to find out it was actually Javier Bardem, the crazy creepy killer in No Country For Old Men. After further review, I'm convinced that these guys are twins who were at some point separated at birth. Photo evidence to follow...
UPDATE: So the photo upload is bonked right now, I'll post pics as soon as I can, in the meantime, look it up yourself! You'll be shocked and awed!

No je to úplne lahké toto fakt nepotrebuje preklad.

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