Únor 2009

Lidiii už vás tu bolo 1000 :D

28. února 2009 v 19:34 | Black cia Iero-Way |  Moje kecy
Heej lidičky neviem či ste si to všilmi ale už vás tu bolo cez tisíc :D som s toho strašne šťastná keď vidím že sem tie články nedávam len pre seba.Takže ďakujeem a budem rada keď to bude takto pekne pokračovať :D

Matt Galle appreciation post ...By Mikey Way

28. února 2009 v 19:00 | Black cia Iero-Way |  Official
posted by Mikey on Feb 27, 2009 3:26pm
I want to take a second to divert some love to Mr. Matthew Galle. For those of you unfamiliar with this strapping lad, he is the My Chemical Romance super-agent. He has been with us since the absolute beginning. The first show he booked for us was an afternoon slot at the old "Skate Fest" in Worcester Mass at the Palladium in the side room. From there, we all became inseparable like peanut butter and jelly. Since then, he has taken us across the globe countless times. From someone's living room in Philly in 2002 (amazing story attached to this), to headlining Chiba Marine Stadium in Tokyo Japan this August at Summer Sonic. I am very glad and proud to consider this worldly gentleman among my best-friends. Matt Galle! WE SALUTE YOU.

Chcem dať sekundu milovanému Mr.Matthew Galle.Pre tých nefamiliárnych tento urastený chalan,je My Chemical Romance super-agent.Bol s nami od absolútneho začiatku.
Na prvom koncerte pre nás rezervoval na popoludnie starý "Skate Fest"vo Worcester Mass v Palladium vo vedlajšej miestnosti.S tadeto sme sa stali neoddelielnými ako arašidové maslo a želé.Od tejto doby sme na celom svete boli nespočetne vela ráz.Niekto z obývačky vo Philly v 2002(úžasný príbeh spojený s týmto),ako headliner Chiba Marine Stadium v Tokiu v Japonsku tento August na Summer Sonic.
Som velmi rád a hrdý na to že tento svatý gentleman je medzi mojimi najlepšími priatelmi.Matt Galle!Salutujem ti.

Young Ray??? ....By Ray Toro

28. února 2009 v 18:38 | Black cia Iero-Way |  Official
posted by Ray on Feb 27, 2009 12:12pm
I saw that post you put up Bob, I can't believe you think that kid looks like me! I did this photo comparison, does anyone see a resemblance?!?!

Vidím poštu ktorú napísal Bob,Ja si nemyslím že to dieťa vyzerá ako ja!Urobil som túto fotku na porovnanie,vidíte nejakú podobnosť?!?!

I have no Red Bull cans yet ...By Jeff Watson and BcBryar

28. února 2009 v 18:24 | Black cia Iero-Way |  Official

posted by Jeff Watson on Feb 27, 2009 11:48am

But I did get a nice Sailor Moon doll, some Pez dispensers, and a wooden car toy so far. Send as much as you can so I can drop it all off to Bob's door soon. I would like it to be enough so it blocks his exit.

Nemám žiadne plechovky Red Bullu zatial
Ale mám peknú bábiku Sailor Moon,Vela Pez*to do čoho sa dávajú cukríky*,a drevené autíčka a tak ďalej.
Pošlite kolko len možete nech to možem dať Bobovi pred dvere.A zablokovať mu tým východ.

posted by Bob on Feb 27, 2009 12:08pm
i just want the red bull cans and the remotes. i cant find my tv remote so you may get one that works. as far as blocking my door....... watch what you say jeff watson. you know me. im not scared. i will make the warner building useless. you will need a search and rescue team to find your computer. ha

Ja práve chcem Red bull a možem ho oddialiť.Nemožem nájsť my tv remote a ísť pracovať..
Pokial ide o blokovanie mojich dverí....pozrite čo povedal Jeff Watson.Poznáte ma.Ja niesom strašný.Verím že urobíte warner budovu beznádejnou.Verím že budú potrebovať záchranársky tím aby ich našli na počítačoch. ha

New interview LeATHERMOUTH

28. února 2009 v 14:41 | Black cia Iero-Way |  LeATHERMOUTH
tunak je nový rozhovor s Frankom Ierom o LeATHERMOUTH klik

Twitter..By Mikey Way

27. února 2009 v 13:08 | Black cia Iero-Way |  Official
mikey: Bork Bork Bork. Credit to whomever is responsible for this awesome-ness.

Why does this look like an Irish Spring ad?

dramatic chipmunk ..By Frank Iero

27. února 2009 v 13:03 | Black cia Iero-Way |  Official
posted by Frank on Feb 27, 2009 1:36am

Mikey a Nejaký tvor :D

26. února 2009 v 23:23 | Black cia Iero-Way |  Galéria

Playlist: My Chemical Romance

26. února 2009 v 16:02 | Black cia Iero-Way |  News about MCR
tak tuto je článok o frankovom playliste:D aspon konečne viem čo naozaj počúva :D

Top Chef New York: Carla Appreciation ..By Gerard Way

26. února 2009 v 15:37 | Black cia Iero-Way |  Official

posted by Gerard on Feb 25, 2009 11:51pm

So Carla didn't win. Lindsey and I were really upset by this, as she had brought a completely element to the competition-- she brought the "love".
I actually got into this series a little late, missing the first two episodes, but Lindsey got me up to speed and her favorite was always Carla, and quickly, I saw why.
She wasn't backstabbing, never tried to throw anyone under the bus, and she generally flew under the radar, just making great food.
And even though she didn't win, I'm pretty sure that someone will give her the finances to open up her own restaurant.
And Lindsey and I would be the first two on line.

Takže Carla samozrejme nevyhrala.Lindsey a ja Sme boli samozrejme naštvaný,ona priniesla completne nový element do súťaže-ona priniesla "lásku".
Aktuálne som bol v tejto sérii trochu neskor,hladal prvé dve epizódy,ale Lindsey sa dostala do toho rýchlo a jej oblúbená sa stala Carla,a rýchlo,videl som prečo.
Ona nepodrážala,nikdy sa nesnažila hádať v autobuse,a hlavne išla za raddar aby urobila skvelé jedlo.
Aj keď samozrejme nevyhrala,som si celkom istý,že ju niekdo zafinancuje aby si otvorila reštauráciu.
A Lindsey a Ja by sme boli prvý dvaja on line

ray toro when he was a young lad ...By BcBryar

26. února 2009 v 15:36 | Black cia Iero-Way |  Official

ray toro when he was a young lad
posted by Bob on Feb 25, 2009 6:51pm
he started young, very talented
On štartoval mladý,
velmi talentovaný

Happy Birthday Bert MCcracken!

25. února 2009 v 23:27 | Black cia Iero-Way |  Moje kecy
Ludiaa viete kto má dnes narodeniny?Neviete?Bert MCcraken z The Used oslavuje dnes krásnych 27 rokov.Skoro som zabudla ale vďaka mojej milej piratke som v obraze takže dikii moooc

Jailbreak your shit...By Ray Toro

25. února 2009 v 22:50 | Black cia Iero-Way |  Official

posted by Ray on Feb 25, 2009 12:39pm

Bob, I feel your iPhone pain. Ever since my iPhone threw itself into the toilet, it hasn't been the same. Missed calls, no service, crap battery life, the list of muck-ups goes on.
I've been wanting to go to the Apple store to try and exchange my suicidal phone, but knew i'd be greeted by the same smugness and uppity attitude you dealt with. Every time I step foot in that store, I feel like they're doing me a favor selling me their plain aluminum products and their white earbuds. I think I bought a pair of earbuds, and inside the package was an extra pair of them crap buds.
Angry at the lack of basic functions on the iPhone, and wanted to stick it back to the man, so I did the only thing a sane man would do...I jailbroke the thing.
For those who don't know what this is, basically you're "freeing" your phone from Jobs' shackles. Now I can copy and paste, personalize the theme on my phone, record movies, answer texts without constantly having to switch programs, search my emails, run programs in the background, send pictures in texts, quickly change settings without going through a million menus, play NES games, save Youtube videos, the list goes on. The crowning jewel is when I used my cell connection on the phone to download an e-book before a flight.
This shit is fun, and now I feel the iPhone lives up to it's pricetag. Do a search for quickpwn to get started, install winterboard, backgrounder, pdanet, sbssettings, and whatever else catches your eye. Most of all, enjoy your new found freedom.

Stručný preklad

tinted windows! is this shit for real?...By BcBryar

25. února 2009 v 22:29 | Black cia Iero-Way |  Official
posted by Bob on Feb 24, 2009 11:25pm
Tinted Windows - Fountains of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger, Cheap Trick drummer Bun E. Carlos, James Iha, and Taylor Hanson.
this is a new band? this is the best thing ever if its true. i wonder if they will tour with us.


Tinited Widows-Fontána Waynea Adama Schlesingera,Cheap Trick bubeník BunE.Carlos,
James Iha,a Taylor Hanson.
To je nová kapela?To je najlepšia vec navždy ak je to pravda.Zaujímalo by ma či by išli s nami na turné.

Potential Lucky Charms Of The Future: Chicken Sacrifice..By Gerard Way

25. února 2009 v 22:24 | Black cia Iero-Way |  Official
posted by Gerard on Feb 24, 2009 11:05pm
I don't condone this, and I very well could have used a photo of a 12 piece KFC bucket-
But it's not my job to keep the harsh realities of life from you.
I'm not saying it's right- I'm just saying I could see this as a marshmallow.
With wicked good luck powers.


Nechcem sa ospravedlnovať ale mám fotky z 12 kusového vedierka KFC
Ale to nieje moja práca udržať drsnú realitu života od nás.
Nehovorím že to je dobré-ale práve som hovoril že vyzerá ako marshmallow.
S pomocou dobrých talizmanov.

Moooore videos from Bcbryar

25. února 2009 v 22:16 | Black cia Iero-Way |  Official
Videá sú pod článkom takže klik :D

Juchuuu a máme rekord.

25. února 2009 v 21:19 | Black cia Iero-Way |  Moje kecy
Práve som napísala za tento mesiac stý článok :DDDD
Ja sa tak teším.
Tu je dokaz

The real Lucky the Leprechaun ...By Mikey Way

25. února 2009 v 21:18 | Black cia Iero-Way |  Official
posted by Mikey on Feb 24, 2009 2:14pm
This is what that little guy looks like when he's not dazzling children with "breakfast magic". That's not skim milk that he's holding FYI..


Tento malý chlapík čo vyzerá ako keby oslepoval deti "rannou mágiou".
To nieje mlieko čo drží on holduje FYI.

Cool phone...By Bobryar

25. února 2009 v 21:12 | Black cia Iero-Way |  Official
posted by Bob on Feb 24, 2009 1:40pm
so after my phone stopped working for the 10th time of the day i accidentally dropped it against a concrete wall as hard as i could. i then took it to the apple store where they said it was my fault. i told them it was an accident. they said phones dont accidentally fly into walls. thats not true, look at the picture. then i pointed out that my circuit board is showing through the broken glass and that isnt gonna fly. i cut my ear on it whenever i get a call. they dont seem to care. i think they should replace it and they think im crazy. this clearly is a defective phone. ill see you on judge judy.


Moj telefón prestal pracovať na 10. dennú dobu po náhodnom zahodení proti betónovej stene tak silno, ako som mohol.
Potom som ho vzal do Apple shopu, kde povedali, že je to moja vina.
Povedal som im, že to bola nehoda.
Povedali že telefóny nelietajú náhodne sami do stien.
To nie je pravda, pozrite sa na fotku.
Potom som ukázal na rozbité sklo že chcel lietať.
vždy keď mám hovor tak si dorežem ucho.
Zdá sa, že sa nestarajú.
Myslím si,že si o mne myslia že som blázon.
To je jasne vadný telefón.
Vidím to na sudcu.

red bull wall ... BY BcBryar

25. února 2009 v 21:09 | Black cia Iero-Way |  Official
posted by Bob on Feb 24, 2009 11:58am
this is a little nook in my wall where i am starting the "red bull wall". i hope to have the entire wall done by the time we finish the record. we are taking donations for it. please collect every red bull can that you can find and ship to the following address. i will post pictures along with the progress. thank you!
send to:
warner brothers records
C/O jeff watson
3300 Warner Blvd
Burbank, CA 91505
now that i think about it more just send whatever. an old suitcase, or a remote that you dont know what its for, or a shoe, etc.
if you live close you can actually just drop off a bag of stuff
at the front door of warner. just put a big sign that says "jeff watson" on it.


Toto je časť steny kde som začal robiť "Red Bull múr".
Dúfam že celú stenu dokončím včťas a spravím rekord.Prijímame aj dary nato.
Každý može poslať plechovky od Red Bullu ktoré má na adresu.
Zverejníme fotky spolu s pokrokom.
Ďakujeme vám!
Posielajte sem:
warner brothers records
C/O jeff watson
3300 Warner Blvd
Burbank,CA 91505

teraz si myslím že možete poslať čokolvek
Ak žijete v blízkosti dajte do tašky a pred dvere warner.
Len na to dajte velký nápis "Jeff Watson".